Amaize is a uniquely delicious drink, rich is color and high in antioxidants. It is based on an ancient Peruvian drink made by brewing Purple Corn and adding tropical pineapple juice and apple juice. It offers many potential health benefits. Due to high concentrations of natural purple pigments known as anthocyanins, Purple Corn is an antioxidant powerhouse. It protects cells from damage by free radicals, detoxifies, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and lowers blood pressure. Because Purple Corn's anthocyanins are stable when heated, Amaize beverage harnesses their special properties.



Amaizing Lemonade is a 100% Natural Lemonade blended with brewed Purple Corn It is a refreshing take on one of America’s favorite beverages. We plan to extend the line to five distinct and great tasting flavors offering significantly reduced calories without the use of artificial sweeteners or coloring. Amaizing Lemonade is being formulated to contain approximately 40% fewer calories than our competitors and will be the only lemonade blended with brewed Purple Corn in the marketplace.



Somewhere between the pumped-up, sugar-saturated drinks and the tasteless waters, there is a need for a healthier alternative, to provide genuine natural taste without the artificially concocted sweeteners and preservatives. Amaizing Tea allows you to enjoy the world’s second most popular drink the way hundreds of civilizations did and nature intended it to be. A world of flavor, freshly brewed and barely  sweetened, We blend tea from around the world with brewed Purple Corn and add a hint of honey or pure palm sugar. Finally, we filter Amaizing Tea to produce a pure genuine taste that doesn’t need a disguise. Unlike most of the bottled teas in the marketplace, Amaizing Tea is not made with bricks of tea dust, tea concentrate, or other artificial sweeteners or acids. The tea has no bitter aftertaste or sugar kick, and does not leave a syrupy film on the drinker’s teeth.